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Chef's Story!

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Hi everyone,

I am Chef Chimme ( Executive Chef ) and this is my story before opening Di Fiora. I have always been a foodie and my family owns several Asian restaurants in the Seattle area so I have grown up around great food. I also love to explore and try different kinds and styles of foods in each city I visit. I have been able to try most of the Michelin star restaurants in the United States Of America and I really enjoyed those experiences. I would love to bring the taste of Michelin to my restaurant and I want to make sure my customers will get the same quality as I insist on when cooking for myself. Quality ingredients are a key part of good cooking and I will use organic and support local producers as much as I can. I really hope the customer will get an upscale food experience at an affordable price also healthy ingredients. I like to say that ‘food is art, and food is life’ so please enjoy and be happy.


Chef Chimme

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